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Health And Safety

C&C Electrical Solutions is always on the look out for workplace hazards.

And as someone who enjoys life and having fun outside of work hours, my personal health and safety is my number one priority. As an electrician, there truly is no room for error.

I’m completely focussed on my health and safety and the health and safety of others who I work around. Be they contractors, staff, visitors, customers or the general public; I’m always aware and prepared.

And with the help of Tristen Winsten of Work Life Health & Safety, I’ve introduced a practical plan to help ensure the team at C&C Electrical Solutions is educated and up to date when it comes to on-site work health safety, legal compliance and best-in-class safety behaviour.

Tristen has not only helped me keep the work health and safety of C&C Electrical Solutions in order, but has also provided up to date professional input into hazard identification and risk assessment that translates into practical safe work methods appropriate to the work we perform.

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There’s no room for error when it comes to Work Health & Safety.

Cameron Sherriff

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