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Licensing And Certificates

Never do work on electrical installations yourself, always use a licensed electrician.

Unlicensed work is not only illegal, it is also extremely dangerous.

As licensed electrical contractors, C&C Electrical Solutions has the equipment and knowledge to safely do electrical work.

And before we start any electrical work we can show you that:

  • we hold an appropriate South Australian licence, and
  • we will issue you an electrical certificate of compliance on completion of the work.

For further licensing and certificates information, click here [opens a new browser window]

To check the status of my licenses, please click the blue button below. This will open a new browser window in which you can enter my license details located below.

Cameron Sheriff

CEC – A9457816 BLD – 230 205 PGE – 187 947

To view an example Electrical Certificate of Compliance, click on the image below.

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