Double Adaptors – Are They Safe?

In many cases a double adaptor will not have overload protection. And as a result, should the two items plugged into a double adaptor suddenly draw more current, the double adaptor could overload and an electrical fire could result.

And the likelihood of an electrical fire increases where double adaptors are “piggy backed” where the user is looking to get more outlets, and this will further increase current draw on the first double adaptor and quickly turn into an unsafe situation.

Double adaptors are extremely dangerous, and C&C Electrical Services does not recommend the use of double adaptors in any environment. For a temporary increase in the number of general purpose outlets (GPO’s), we recommend you use a suitable power board with in-built overload protection. You can identify this type of power board as they will come with a reset switch or button.

For a permanent increase in the number of power points in your home or workplace, please contact C&C Electrical Solutions who will visit your location and install a permanent and much safer solution.

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