What Is A Solar System And How Does It Work?

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems [home solar systems] are becoming an affordable way for households to lower their electricity bills and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. 

As you scroll down the page you will find some examples of both compliant and non-compliant solar system installations.​

Below is a short video that walks you through how a home solar system works and how to check for compliance.

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Examples of Compliant Installations

Below are images of solar systems that are correctly installed. Wiring is secured, there is no damage and the final installation looks professional, neat and tidy.


Examples of Non-Compliant Installations

Faulty solar system installations of any kind can not only create problems, they can result in personal harm, system failure and financial loss. So how do you know if you’re home solar system is safe?

Click below to see a few examples of things to look out for in a faulty installation. For example, cracks in tiles during channel installation and exposed or unsecured wiring. 

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